Wendy Summerell

Wendy Summerell

Wendy Summerell (left) was presented with a certificate of appreciation by our National President Michelle Malt (right) at the regional meeting.  Wendy has served the region for many years and it is great to see her efforts recognised.

Wendy was an AAA member at the formation of the Queensland Region and although not on the regional committee herself, supported her husband Ross as Newsletter Editor who initiated the first regional newsletter.

When the South Queensland & Northern NSW Region was formed, Wendy was a foundation member and held the position of Regional Secretary consistently for a period of 12 years from 97/98 to 08/09 and also held the position of Vice President for 2 years for the period 09/10 to 10/11.

Wendy and Ross proudly opened The Cove Alpaca Shop at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast and helped to introduce the general public to alpacas and the beauty of alpaca fibre by selling garments, scarves, hats and other related products.

While on their way to their shop one day in September, 1995, Wendy and Ross were involved in a terrible car accident which put them both in hospital resulting in life changing circumstances.  When other people would have given up, Wendy did not, and as soon as she was physically mobile again, put great enthusiasm into building up Starwood Stud.

Wendy was a very successful exhibitor, supporter and often convenor of local shows and attended the Brisbane Royal Show regularly and has been awarded several Supreme Champions.  Wendy was very keen to exhibit alpacas at AAA National Shows and attended as many as she possibly could.

In her role as Regional Secretary, Wendy would travel for many kilometres and hours to attend regional meetings in far reaches of our large region.  She did this to be fair to all members wherever they resided and to make everyone in SQNNSW Region feel welcome. She was instrumental in recruiting members to the committee and worked hard to help them contribute positively.

Wendy convened the Gold Coast show for many years and was the fleece steward at the Royal Queensland show until recent times. Wendy helped with the planning of the first judging at Grafton Show and her knowledge in convening such events was always sought.  Not only did Wendy help with the organisation of such events, she also clocked up several hundreds of kilometres using her (sometimes very new) vehicles to tow the heavy regional trailer laden with gates to Toowoomba, Ipswich and Gold Coast Shows and back again.  She also was a willing worker with setting up the pens at these shows.  A great feat for such a slightly built lady.

Wendy has always been very skilful in wording interesting articles detailing the history, practical management of alpacas and the future of the industry in different media to promote regional events.  She could be counted on to submit reports about events held with entertaining and sometimes humorous accounts of what took place, and never failed to thank others who helped make the event possible.

In her role as Secretary, Wendy kept meticulous minutes and correspondence and maybe she should have considered a career in journalism but fortunately for the members of the AAA she has devoted 19 years of her skills to contributing to the Australian Alpaca Association at both a regional and national level.

Wendy Summerell receives her Certificate of Appreciation from Michelle Malt, President of the Australian Alpaca Association .