Stephen Rowley

Stephen Rowley (2015)

Stephen Rowley and Ann Livermore of Erragolia Alpacas have been members of the Australian Alpaca Association since 2004. Over the last 11 years, Stephen has made a significant contribution to the Australian Alpaca industry on both a regional and national level.

At a regional level: Stephen and his partner Ann Livermore have been active participants in Australian Alpaca Week over a number of years and have willingly opened their property up to the public each year. They have provided a location for a number of alpaca breeders to participate in Australian Alpaca Week that could not have done so on their own.

Stephen has furthered the education of alpacas throughout the region coordinating, researching and presenting at events such as Wonderful World of Alpaca Workshops which are held yearly within the SQNNSW region.

Quite a few Children’s television shows have been filmed at Erragolia alpacas where Stephen has offered his property, animals, time, knowledge and skills to the production crews, assisting to put together suitable documentaries about alpacas and the alpaca industry.

As a key supporter of regional activities, Erragolia Alpacas has been a successful exhibitor and supporter of both regional and Royal shows over the years, showing outstanding animals and providing much needed support in the organisation and operation of many regional shows. Stephen specifically has travelled many kilometres over the years collecting fleece at regional collection points and taking it to ‘fleece collection days’ for bailing.

Although Stephen is no longer on the committee of the SQNNSW he still assists the region as the Webmaster and continues to offer his services and knowledge as and when required and is a regular at regional meetings. This follows on from his hard work as Regional Treasurer, Regional Vice President and Regional President.

It was an ‘easy step onto the National Board, where Stephen served with distinction.

Stephen has contributed, and continues to contribute, greatly to the Alpaca industry. His practical and expanding knowledge about alpacas, his willingness to share that knowledge across the region and across Australia, and his knowledge of historical events is invaluable. He can always be relied upon to offer assistance and knowledge when and as required. His ongoing commitment to provide online information underscores this contribution that he has, and continues to make.

The dedication, support, and willingness to help the industry, breeders, and interested parties has been consistently demonstrated over the past 11 years. Given his contribution to the region, and to the Association at large, it is strongly recommended that Stephen be recognised for his efforts and receive a national Certificate of Appreciation.