Contacting fellow breeders in your Region for a recommendation is probably the best way to locate a shearer.
Arrange well ahead of time as the shearers are booked out quickly.

Plan to have booked your shearer by the end of June.

Shearer Directory

Mick Elkins

0408 665 228
Best contact method via text message.
In area:
Gympie/Rockhampton – late August;
Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Ipswich/Toowoomba early – mid September;
Gold Coast/Tweed, Stanthorpe/Tenterfield – 3rd week September.
Final run SEQ/NNSW mid October.

Bernie McInerney

0429 668 240
In area:
August/September, November

James Wheeler

0403 972 609 or
08 7200 4645
Bookings in advance are essential.
In area
mid August – mid September.

Gary Bosely

0411 720 420
In area:
mid August – mid September

Chris Power
Facebook page – CliptbyChris.
Best contact method via Messenger.
Bookings in advance are essential.
In area
Mid August – mid September.
Starting in S Qld and working south.

Guidelines for Shearing Shed Set-up and Fleece Preparation