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As a non profit organisation the South Queensland & Northern NSW Region of the Australian Alpaca Association provides opportunities for both members and non-members to become sponsors through advertisements on both our website and in regional newsletter Alpaca Advocate, to help further our organisational goals.

Read more about the advertising options:

Website Advertising Banner (image)

Shown on a rotating basis of three images on the home page and content page. The size of the banner is 193 x 109 pixels.


  • File Type: JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Maximum file size: 50kb
  • GIF animations: must not be longer than 5 seconds in length and recommended no more than 3 transitions
  • Style: there are 3 different styles allowed - gradient background, inset coloured box and full coloured box. Download the template for full details.


We should download the below template (EPS & AI format) which can be provided to a graphic designer to create the banners in our standard style i.e. curved edges, gradient background, 2pt border etc.

Any banners that do not meet these standards will need to be revised by you/your designer.


Available only to members.

The Classifieds section allows you to list specific items for sale in these categories and with the following fields:

  • Alpacas for Sale – including Breed – Suri/Huacaya; Gender M/F; Colour – white, light fawn, med fawn, dark fawn, light brown, medium brown, dark brown (301) Dark brown (401) Bay Black, True Black, Light grey, med grey, dark grey, rose grey (408), rose grey (211), Rose Grey (306); Age (year of birth); State.
  • Equipment
  • Fleece – Breed – Suri/Huacaya; Colour (as above)
  • Products – categories Bedding/Carpets; Garments; Other Resources
  • Services – Shearers; Vets; Export Services

Pricing: You can advertise your item for free for 30 days.

Advertising options: include background shading, bold text and border which are charged at an additional $3.30 each.


  • Maximum number of images per ad: 8
  • Maximum size per image: 0.5MB each (512KB)
  • Image sizes: to suit a variety of visitor screen sizes we recommend the image is no smaller than 270 x 180 px (otherwise it will be stretched) and no larger than 600px wide


Our newsletter is produced four times per year in the middle of each season.

The closing dates for article & advertising submissions are as follows:

  • Autumn: 31st March
  • Winter: 30th June
  • Spring: 30th September
  • Summer: 31st December